Academician Irada Huseynova was on a business trip to the ANAS Lankaran Regional Scientific Center

Vice-president of ANAS, academician Irada Huseynova was on a business trip to the city of Lankaran, to the Lankaran Regional Scientific Center of the ANAS held discussion of the results of the scientific and scientific-organizational report of the center for 2021

            On the trip, she was accompanied by Advisor to ANAS, member of the Academic Council, Head of the Department of Biological and Medical Sciences (BMS), Academician Garib Mammadov, Chief Director of the Institute of Botany, Doctor of Biology, Professor Sayyara Ibadullayeva , director of the laboratory of the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, doctor of biological sciences Yashar Feyziyev , Scientific Secretary of the Vice-President of ANAS, Doctor of Philosophy, Associate Professor Afig Mammadov and Chief Specialist Aitan Agaeva .

            Mahsun Baghirzada , who was heroically martyred in the 44-day Patriotic War, posthumously awarded 4 medals by Mr. President Ilham Aliyev. A wreath was laid to his bas-relief.

            Then Academician Irada Huseynova met with the leadership of the Lankaran Regional Scientific Center (LRSC) to discuss the results of 2021. Discussions and exchange of views took place on overcoming difficulties in the implementation of a comprehensive plan for scientific research, establishing closer cooperation with the institutes of ANAS, and increasing attention to joint research and training.

            Then DBMS and LRSC held a joint meeting of the Scientific Center to discuss the results of scientific and scientific-organizational activities in 2021.

            In the opening speech, Academician Irada Huseynova first conveyed the greetings of the President of ANAS, Academician Ramiz Mehdiyev to the team. Then she widely informed about the most important events in the country and in the life of ANAS. About the great return of science to Karabakh liberated from occupation, about research on the performance of work and obligations of ANAS according to the Action Plan approved on January 12, 2021 by the Presidium of ANAS of the institutes of the DBMS, about the main scientific directions, about the important results achieved in training personnel, about held on January 19 last year in international scientific conferences on the results of science and scientific and organizational activities in 2020-2021 of the DBMS in connection with this, the discussions held at the meeting by the Presidium of ANAS. About the carried out scientific, scientific and organizational structural reforms to the attention of the members of the scientific council of the LRSC  and guests.

            Academician Irada Huseynova presented the published materials in No. 2 (2021) of the journal "Natural Sciences and Biomedicine", dedicated to the Victory Day and the memory of martyrs at the II International Scientific Karabakh Congress of Applied Sciences.

            At the meeting, the director of the LRSC, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor Farman Guliyev made a wide report on the important results of the scientific and scientific-organizational activities of the Center in 2021. The report noted 2 areas - biology and agricultural sciences, as well as the work performed by the LRSC on social and the humanities, the results obtained, the tasks of scientific coordination, the existing problems and difficulties. The speaker, noted that due to the reason the LRSC does not have its own area for the conservation of rare, endemic and endangered collections of citrus and subtropical crops, tea varieties collected in the region, the Center collects, researches, propagates the gene pool of varieties of tea, lemons and tangerines and other crops and conducts with them, selection work on the area of the Lankaran branch of the Research Institute of Fruit and Tea Growing of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

            Professor Farman Guliyev also spoke about the achievements in the selection of tea plants, subtropical crops, obtaining their new varieties and ongoing research related to this. He noted that the FAG-22 and FAG-15 clones, which differ in positive indicators, were prepared for submission to the State Variety Test . In the Republic of Azerbaijan, enhanced activities under the State Program for the Development of Tea Growing for 2018-2027, created and regionalized in previous years by the LRSC and NRSFT varieties and new varieties-forms " Farmanchay ", "Lankaran", "Khazar" and "Farmanchay pink" were propagated.

            Then, Farman Guliyev informed about the results of the research carried out jointly by the LRSC and the Institute of Botany of ANAS on the introduction of plant species in the forest ecosystems of Shamakhi and Lankaran regions and the assessment of their population.

            After that, the topic of discussion was research in the archeology of numismatics and folklore. A great need was noted for the support of the institutes of ANAS for deeper research and the preservation of the materials obtained in the southeastern region of Azerbaijan, which has great historical potential for investigating anthropological findings during archaeological excavations, for organizing new expeditions for deeper research into burial mounds, ancient settlements, rock inscriptions and other monuments.

            The General Director of the LRSC also informed about the publishing activities of the organization. He noted that in 2021, LRSC staff published 4 books, 25 articles (of which 17 were in journals indexed abroad), 5 theses.

            The speaker also spoke about the institutions operating in the field of science and education, especially at the Lankaran State University, and relations in the field of science and education with them.

            At the end of the report, proposals were made and a number of discussions were held on the problems associated with strengthening the scientific activities of the LRSC.

            Professor Farman Guliyev in his speech also drew attention to the expediency of creating a Botanical Garden to preserve the plant diversity of rare, endemic , relict and endangered plants of the southeastern region of Azerbaijan.

            After the report, extensive discussions were held with the participation of representatives of the LRSC and DBMS. The discussions were attended by Academician Garib Mammadov, Doctor of Biological Professor Sayyara Ibadullayeva , Doctor of Biology Yashar Feyziev , members of the Scientific Council of the LRSC - Director of the Lankaran Experimental Station of the Research Institute of Vegetable Growing of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Doctor of Philosophy of Agrarian Sciences, Associate Professor Hezer Huseynov, Head of the Department of Folklore, Ethnography and Archeology Sarraf Talybov , leading researcher of the department, Doctor of Philosophy of Historical Sciences Mayis Jafarov, researcher Samir Karimov, researcher of the Department of Tea Growing and Subtropical Crops Agil Hasanov and others.

            Academician Irada Huseynova expressed her attitude to some tasks and positively assessed the research work carried out and the activities of the LRSC leadership in 2021.

            A decision was made on the important results of the report on the scientific and organizational activities of the LRSC in 2021 and their submission for discussion by the Presidium of ANAS.

            Further, a review of the work of scientists and specialists of the LRSC was held on the territory of the Lankaran branch of the Research Institute of Fruit and Tea Growing of the Ministry of Agriculture, academician Irada Huseynova and those accompanying her were given extensive information at the experimental site.

            At the meeting held at the end of the visit, attention was drawn to the research carried out, which is very important for the region and a number of important results obtained, on the continuation and development of these studies in the future to expand the coverage area of the Center, its building, laboratory, area and solving personnel problems, their expediency was noted.

            In conclusion, Academician Irada Huseynova announced that she would report on the proposals for the development of the LRSC to the President of ANAS.

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