ANAS held the 120th anniversary of the outstanding scientist Amin Abid

ANAS Institute of Folklore held Republican Scientific Conference "One of the First Theorists of Azerbaijani Folklore - Amin Abid" dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the outstanding dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the outstanding theorist, literary critic Amin Abid at ANAS main building.

The conference was attended by employees of the institutes of Folklore, Literature, Archeology and Ethnography of ANAS, teachers and students of higher educational institutions of the republic, doctoral students and dissertates, as well as mass media.

Director of the Institute of Folklore, academician Mukhtar Imanov opened the conferens and told about Amin Abid’s systematic study of the rich scientific and artistic heritage contributed to the development of folklore in our country.

He noted that, A.Abid is the author of an analysis of a number of ancient Oguz epics, such as “Kitabi Dede Korkud”, “Oguzname”, as well as the history of Azerbaijani literature, the Bayati genre.

M.Imanov stressed that, the scientist has played the big role in the study of the history of Azerbaijani folklore in the 1920–1930s.

Amin Abid studied the literature of Azerbaijan not in the regional framework, but in the context of the entire Turkic language and literature.

Director of the institute noted that, the writer was arrested and executed in 1938, his works were banned, and his articles were reprinted after the country achieved independence. Director of the Institute informed that, in 2016 the book “Amin Abid. Literature History of Azerbaijani Turks“.

During the conference, were delivered papers by Ph.D in Philology, Professor Sehar Orujova on “Folklore in Amin Abid’s works”, Doctor in Philology, Professor Mammad Aliyev on “Amin Abid’s role in the study of lyrical folklore”,

Doctor in Philology, Professor Bedirkhan Ahmmadli on “Criteria of Amin Abid’s Modern Artistic Thinking in the History of Literature”, Doctor in Philology, Professor Adalat Tahirzadeh "One of 700 students" and PhD in Ethnography Khalilli Khalieddin on "History and literature as a single structure of moral and social memory in the methodology of studying by Amin Abid".

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